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Da Silva Hospitality Group has 11 restaurants, 20 frozen yogurt shops and 2 business hotels. In our establishments more than 930 direct jobs are generated, we serve more than 575,000 meals and sell about 150 tons of frozen yogurt per year. 

Additionally, we accommodate 60,000 guests in our two business hotels.

Our corporation has been the most important gastronomic group of Venezuela for many years,

and has begun our international expansion since.

Arizona Grill   |   Arizona Bistro   |   El Alazan   |   La Flor de las Terrazas Grill   |   Vistarroyo

 Pizza‘s House   |   Il Forchettone   |   Gran Campo   |   La Flor de las Terrazas Bakery   |   Quinta Estaçao

Freshberry Frozen Yogurt Café  |   Primera Ave Suites   |   Shelter Suites



Da Silva Hospitality Group begins in 1950 when its founder Jose Da Silva emigrated from Portugal to Venezuela in search of new opportunities. In 1951 he acquires his first business, a bar in downtown Caracas. After few months he had four bars.  Years later he owned and managed the most important nightclub in the capital "Imperial Palace".


His desire to grow led him to open new horizons in the world of gastronomy. The first restaurant opened his doors in 1976 "La Flor de las Terrazas Bakery" and months later "Il Forchettone”.


In 1982 Da Silva’s Hospitality Group founder, Jose Da Silva, recognized the need for a new kind of restaurant that was non – existent at the time.  It would be a steak house with grills within the tables and high quality meats. "El Alazán" became one of the most important restaurants in the country, and still now days.  In 1984 founded "Pizza's House". In that year he partnered with his son Erasmo Da Silva.  Erasmo, with only 14 years old, joined the restaurants and bars with the purpose to learn every detail of this business. Since then, Erasmo shared his studies with his work.

After finishing his college career, Erasmo devoted himself full time to maintaining and growing the legacy of his father.


Due to the sustained success of the group, the partners decided in 1991 to venture in hotel industry, starting with an executive hotel "Shelter Suites".


In 1998 "Arizona Grill Steak House" is founded. That same year, Da Silva Hospitality Group added to its portfolio "Vistarroyo Restaurant”.


The new generation in charge of the corporation decided to begin a more innovative and replicable concept in 2011.  Da Silva Hospitality Group negotiated with the American company Beautiful Brands International, the master franchise rights of the trademark "FreshBerry Frozen Yogurt Café". In less than nine months we open 12 stores and 8 more within the next two years.  In 2013 FreshBerry in Venezuela got the award "Best New Franchise of the Year".


In 2014 Da Silva Hospitality Group began its international expansion with the Restaurant "The Fifth Season" on the island of Madeira. In 2015 we opened the doors of its second hotel "First Avenue Suites" in the city of Caracas.


Our most recent concept is "Arizona Bistro" a casual dining restaurant which serves a select audience of Caracas – Venezuela.



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